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Basically just my Teen Wolf blog.
Prompts and AU's mainly will be posted on here
I do ship Sterek, but I am not restricted to that one ship.
Halemore, Stackson, Scisaac, Scanny, Janny/Dackson, Derek/Danny,
My ship list is pretty endless


raisesomehale asked for nr 30 from the color me sterek palette :)

I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars

available in my society6 shop :)

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# Don't touch me
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Maybe just the touch of a hand, I fall in love with you every single day…

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Sterek AU: Derek is the Hale’s family golden boy. He’s smart, quiet, hard-working, helpful, ungodly handsome and Beacon Hills citizens adore him. That’s why everyone tells him to stay away from “that trouble-making Sheriff’s son” - Stiles. Derek’s not sure he can.

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So instead of Boyd being killed because Sinqua was moving on to bigger and better things, we actually have Boyd being killed to increase the man pain of a white boy who’s already lost his whole family violently and feels directly responsible for both that and the death of his first girlfriend

that’s great, that’s fine let me just


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hands HANDS H A N D S

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